Things We Think Don’t Need Anymore

Since my internet (computer sorta) strike began – blame Stable Genius Trump news – I’m using these reference books again.  And my old manual typewriter.  And handwritten notebooks.   And layers of Post-It Note corrections.  I feel 20 years younger!

Things We Don’t Need Anymore

Don’t know how long my internet strike will last.  I’m giving myself 5 minutes a day. LOL.  I am on Second Life (a virtual world) , though. I look 40 years younger there!  Let me know if you’d like to meet up there and I’ll try to figure out how we can do that.



The Next Four Days

Thanks for following the next four days of my life…

Beginning tomorrow, I have four solid days off.  I’m determined to write a short story or an outline or an idea…

Some sort of ideas for the first story of my short story collection:

The way I want things to work is that there will be several stories with interweaving characters or even an interweaving theme/place. Something like that. I’ve practiced the flow and connection with my Sissy and Buck flash fiction pieces but…I don’t want the finished work to have anything to do with Sissy and Buck.

Some of my favorite authors who have done this brilliantly are Ellen Gilchrist, Joyce Carol Oats, John Cheever and Elizabeth Strout (Olive Kitteridge). I want to set my goals high – to strive for something meaningful to time and place and yet still universal threads weaving.

Well, of course, all I have to do is to simply begin with one friggin 1500 word story and some sort of daily schedule only broken under penalty of…I’d say death but that seems rather harsh for both of us.

I certainly don’t want a rigid schedule so the one I can live with – for the next 4 days – would look something like this:

10AM to 3PM – write save original copy of the work

3PM to 8PM – time off – walk to market and cook and be with my main man

8PM to 11PM – read the day’s work and make some editing notes/changes onto a 2nd copy of the work. NEVER ERASE THE ORIGINAL WORK!

This schedule works well because you are back at the pottery studio or hiking for the next 4 days. Oh well…the best made plans, right?

And when I find it, I want to put one of my sonnets up here about weaving things together…it’s an important creative image in my life.

I am also editing 50 of 434 poems…

I had a dream about Donald Trump. I don’t remember it,  but I woke up groaning.  I certainly hope I gave him a piece of my mind 😛

I held a little 3 month old baby this morning.  Oh my gosh!  The softness of everything baby smiling up at you…  It’s almost an unbearably happiness overload.


Notes To My Horribly Disorganized Self

So I’m not sure if anyone remembers that a few weeks ago I wrote that I was hoping to buckle down with my writing – maybe get that book of flash fiction mirroring poetry going at last.  That’s been a goal of mine for several years – to expand the poem.

And so, I’ve done that here on WordPress – more or less and it’s pretty effin scary how many finished poems and stories I’ve put up here.

I have all this sorted out through 2014, but not moving forward.  In two weeks, I’ll have three days a week to work on this.  It’s good I’ll have time to do these busy parts of the process.

Right now I’m transferring all of my poetry and fiction (from my blog) into some sort of export file.  Last time I did this was late 2014.  Oh dear.  I will not panic.  I can handle this gathering and sorting of papers.  I used to be an excellent secretary.

I just have to remember to breathe.

Now I’m on to read other stories and blogs 🙂


Ripped Upon My Heart – A Poem

I started out my blog to write stories from my poetry and try to  match them up.  That was two years ago.  I’ve done a few of them.  I just finished this set this afternoon. I wrote and posted a poem about a year ago.  Over the last week or so, I’ve written  a 100 word story to go with this poem. The story is here:  Sharp Hearted Love.  The poem is below.

Ripped  Upon My Heart

What hurts
is that we spent all night crying
on the sofa aching
and the dog puked
and there went
thirty years
of two lives.
When I think
I hear your voice
grating up against me now,
I remember
lights I wouldn’t see
and flags flapping
ripped upon my heart.


Blue Moment With Lace

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!


So…years ago I wrote this sort of sonnet about lace and curtains.  I always thought I’d expand that into a story.   Then this week’s Friday Fictioneers came to be.  Lace curtains!

Here is the original sonnet thing I hope you’ll read :

Here’s where I’ve taken it with the photo prompt – free verse…a little closer to a story:

ffBlue Moment With Lace

had he loved her
beyond the lace veil
and soft scents
of peppermint mixed
with eucalyptus.
She’d lit the room golden
with candles
burnt  sage to smudge
– to bless –
and woven the stories
of two loving lives.

Long had she remembered
the softness of lace
reflected in a beveled
bathroom mirror
and the oils of peppermint
mixed with eucalyptus
he’d massaged and kissed
into her skin.

Long had they
the mystery.


photo © Janet Webb

Hammock Sense

 <——It’s time for this, but more on that later.

I’ve been doing lots of work and I think I’m getting someplace.  All of my poems have been copied onto a memory key.  I’ve almost made up my mind which online publishing company I’ll use.  Tomorrow I’m buying or looking for a little online guide to the steps I’ll have to take.  I’ve read several articles but….I want to know more.

I had my hair cut.  I look like Buster Brown’s sister. What’s with the bang cutting issues these days?

And now I’m off to dreamland.


This Isn’t Possible!

So I was in this NaNoWriMo thing for the month of July.  I was shooting for 10,000 words.  As the end of the month approached, I was getting excited.  I was going to surpass 10,000!  Ya gotta love those word count tools, right?

Wrong…I’d been misreading the tool.  I was going to surpass 10,000 characters.  I wrote about 2000 words.  I could say I ‘ONLY’ wrote about 2000 words but what good would that do?  It sure felt like 10,000 words.  I’m not counting my like these sorts of blog entries.  I mean my fiction and my poetry.

I guess it felt like 10,000 words because what I put out there still continues to be edited and edited.  I want it practically perfect for my book.  So yeah…I’m pretty sure I touched every word I wrote at least 10,000 times in July.

Yay me!  It was my goal and I proclaim that I’ve achieved it 😛


Everyone Heard Her

Let me put this up here.  This is an idea I’ve been working on for the small poetry collection I hope to publish this year.    At first I thought it would be just poetry.  Now I’m working on the idea of one page poetry and the facing page prose on the same theme.  I have one  ready.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use the photographs in the book  😦  Wondering how this would go over.  If you have a moment to comment your opinion of this idea that’s be great.  If not, know that I appreciate you reading this and following my work.   Ellespeth

Over The Neighbors’ Fences – A Poem
Everyone heard her leaving him
hollering out
into a blue sky afternoon.
Quilts and sheets
billowed on clothes lines
and ladies whispered
over backyard fences
up and down the block.
The men hurried to the corner
where they discussed the situation
over beer and peanuts
up and down the bar.


I Was A Young Boy ThenProse/Fiction

Everyone heard her shouting.  All up and down the block they
gathered.   Darkness hovered hauntingly over our neighborhood.

“I won’t hear from your lips again!” she hollered.“Not another word that you say!”

I was a young boy then.  Listening safely, from my bed, to this
ruckus in the night. Hoping
her husband would say something.

Everything in the world was silent.
And then there came the sound of her
old red Mustang screeching down our street.



The Connection That Wasn’t Now Is

Pffffttttt!  Two more days with no internet.  Once again ‘it’s fixed’.  I hope so.  I probably won’t catch up on my reader.  I’ll try but…

I’m reviewing poetry and considering prose to go with some poems.  I’ve edited some of my poems.  I’ve put my work on a memory key.  I’ve steam cleaned the indoor floors and finished mopping the balcony.

I depend on the internet more that I thought.  Research and all.  Plus, with my vision issue, it’s easier to look spelling up…I’m not one to spell check until the very end.  If I’m not sure, I still like to look it up.  I like to be sure I’m using the right word, too.  It’s always interesting to find synonyms listed with the definitions, etc.

Until laterz..

Ellespeth    ♥


My life isn’t out of control.  I’m quite in control of what I’m doing.  I’m writing and not keeping up with the rest of my life.  I’m going to combine some of my prose and poetry into one small collection.  That means I have to write much more prose.  I’ll begin with 12 poems and 12 pieces of prose.  Poetry on one page and a piece of prose on the page beside.  Hmmm…and my blog is a mess.

Hopefully yours,