Prom Night – 1969 (Fiction)

My submission for a piece of writing no more than 400 words about the word ‘escape’  I didn’t write as many words this week, but I’m satisfied with the piece.   More pieces can be found here at Literary Lion.  Thanks for offering this challenge!

I am so joyful about the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage decision that I couldn’t help but write this piece. gay_pride

Prom Night, 1969

We didn’t talk about it much in those days. So, when Tony didn’t want to kiss me good-night after our prom date, I thought it was something about me. Maybe I had bad breath. Maybe my false eye lashes were drooping off in the New Orleans humidity.  He was so damned perfectly cute, and so was I.

It wasn’t until today, when the Supreme Court voted for gay marriage and I saw Tony’s picture plastered on the front page of the Times Picayune – holding a gay pride flag and kissing some guy smack on the lips – that I realized it never had been me.


Planning A Getaway…

cottagefor our 14th wedding anniversary next month – to this wonderful garden cottage.  It’s near the ocean.  It’s near the redwoods and fine hiking trails and fantastic seafood.  And the best part is that it’s less than 45 minutes away from where we live.

I can imagine opening that gate to see the magnificent garden.  Ohhhh!  And dreaming in this bedroom with a balcony overlooking the garden!

bedroomWe have so much to celebrate and be thankful for in our lives.