Morning Dew Long Ago – Flash Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.   Thank you, PJ, for sponsoring this and for all of your hard work on our behalf.  Please follow lil froggy for more stories.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!

Morning Dew Long Ago

That day,  on the way to school, my brothers and I walked into some police fencing. I told them it was just a simple fence, but they insisted it was some sort of police fencing. So, I climbed the chain linked fence. Just beyond where I landed were streamers of what looked like toilet paper. They were wet and heavy from the morning dew.

“Someone finally wrapped ole man Johnson’s yard!” I called out. It did look like that to me.

My voice giggled and caught on the wind and landed in my brother, Evan’s, ear. “You come back here right now, Heather,” Evan yelled.

“You come back here right now, Heather. Do ya hear me tellin’ you?” Evan shouted again.

I did hear him but someone had taped my mouth shut and I couldn’t reply.


You. Want. To. Do. WHAT?

Ellespeth Visits The Orthopedic Doctor…

Just another follow-up to my recovery process from a fall on 2/7.

yes, that’s right…earlier this week…when I must have been having a totally stupid moment:

Doc:  I see, from the way you are moving that your knee is bothering you.

Me:  Yes.  It’s still giving out on me and swelling and it takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed in the morning.  But I think it’s getting better.

Doc:  Let’s have a look at that.

Me:  Okay but no touching it.

Doc:  Oh my, it’s swollen.  That’s why it’s hurting you.  I’d like to give you a shot of cortisone right into your knee….

Me:  Cough.  Gag.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t hear that last part.  The first part nauseated me.  Did you say you want to give me a shot in my knee what?

Doc:  well he speaks medical mumbo jumbo that boils down to he wants to put an effin needle into my knee.  Not once, but twice.  Once to numb it and once to inject the cortisone.

Me:  I look frantically at David…he’s my husband…he’s somewhat more scientific than I am.  “I don’t think I wanna do this, David.”

David to Me:  Well he sees how your knee looks all swollen and he thinks this will make it feel better.

Doc:  It works for a lot of people.  I’ll numb the area all up and it won’t hurt too much.

There I am –  a poet sitting in a medical office with an MD and a Ph.D. trying to figure my way out of this and slowly realizing that somehow or another this was going to end painfully for me.

Which it did, initially.  Today, two days later…my knee isn’t swollen.  It doesn’t hurt.  It’s still weak after 10 minutes or so but…WOW!  And it will keep getting better until the med is all in there good and then the benefit could last several months!  That’s fabulous!

This has been my first pain-free day since 2/7!  I’d do a little Cajun Gig but I don’t want to – you know – put the voodoo on myself.

Yay and Laterz!

Ellespeth   ♥

A Knock On My Door – Journal Entry

age-1304716_640This morning and afternoon I sat with a friend today while she took her breast cancer chemo cocktail.  I don’t want to lie about it.  It was a little uncomfortable for me.  I want her to live. She is thinking of the worst case scenario.  I am saying to her that the worst case scenario isn’t the best so let’s think beyond death to life…I am sad.  She doesn’t seem hopeful.  I’m unable to guide her to hopeful…midway through, another friend comes to relieve me through the almost 8 hour chemo transfusion…

I come home exhausted.  You are exhausted, too.  Your daughter just had a hip bone shaving surgery.

A knock on our door comes soon.  Our elderly neighbors –  don’t laugh cuz you are 74 and I am 65…but they are her 89 and him 94…his hand is swollen but he won’t go to doctor…he’s tired…tomorrow I will make an afternoon appointment for him.  Perhaps it is his gout….  😦

I want us to live that long and for us to be fussing like they are.

I am sad.  Very sad.  Death seems to whisper messages to me…I continue…on the outside strong and carrying on.  On the inside I am afraid and very insecure.

I’ll go ahead and post this cuz it’s important to me to do so…

Until tomorrow ~


Dawgy Breaths – Fiction

Here is my offering for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  please follow little foggy for more stories.

You know, this photograph made me cry.  I remembered dogs I’ve owned in the past and how loyal they were.  And that soldier, receiving solace…

soldier dog

Dawygy Breaths

Sometimes I get scared. I start thinking I’m not going to make it through this or that high-tech meeting. Maybe I’m not going to raise enough funds to keep the company running.  Maybe, even, I’m not enough.

Then I remember Labby Dawg running to lick each of us after each mission. Sometimes we lost, but Labby Dawg always made us feel like heroes. I remember how Labby smelled and the softness of her tongue against my cheek and how it feels to be alive.


Forget About The End of the World…


I’ve spent a fretful week finishing Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness by Joshua Wolf Shenk (a biography), and have decided this was a good book to read right now – this week.  On many levels, Lincoln lived a life for all times.  His time,  this week …this month…this year…this decade – different times, different levels of hatred taking hold of our country.

There was one part, of Obama’s speech tonight, that I liked and found to be so like the Lincoln Obama looks up to.  I don’t have a television but I’ve so far read a few passages and critiques of his speech.  I liked this sentence:

“Let’s not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear.”
(President Barack Obama)

and, to me, that’s true – truer now than ever before in my lifetime.


You’re Forcing Me…

cottageto take a trip tomorrow – about an hour away – to a garden cottage on the Pacific Ocean.  How dare you!

I know, right?  Some people, reading this, may think I’m joking.  But I’m not.  If you are one of those types who thinks I’m joking, let me put it this way:

you are forcing me to take a trip – about an hour away – to a garden cottage on the Pacific Ocean.  How dare you!  To add to the fear factor, you shall drive us on winding roads through redwood forests – all ending somewhere near the Pacific Ocean.  How can you do this to me?!

Really, okay?  These are the times in my life that I’d just like to kick myself in the bootie 😦 It’s not that I don’t like to travel.  It’s just that I don’t like to get there and back.

Has anyone reading this ever read A Confederacy of Dunces?  If you haven’t,  you certainly must do so as soon as possible.  There is a character, in the novel, Ignatius J. Reilly,  who – at the end of the novel finally risks making a huge stretch and – travels 90 miles from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.

So that’s pretty much how I feel when I take a vacation trip.  I try to make vacation trips as seldom as possible.  I don’t like leaving my little mapped out parameters.  I haven’t always been this way but I’ve been working on being this way since I was three years old.  I wrote a poem about that day here.  I got better about traveling for a few years, but now – as I’m getting older – the fear to travel is coming back.  So a huge step going on here.

We’re packed and I’m going.  It’s all just a part of not letting depression take hold of my life.  So, I keep going and you keep by my side 🙂

I may be a bit sparse during the month of July – or not.  I’m signed up for NaNoWriMo – write 50,000 words in a month.  I’ll be doing some of that on this vacation. 1700 words a day.

Its not a long vacation.  Two days.  But it means traveling on and in unknowns.  I like to know my life.  That’s why I can imagine and write about other lives and other worlds.

This may not make sense but I’ll post in anyway.


Tomorrow Comes Sooner

It’s good that today has arrived and that I’m in a panic because I have to write 400 words for a WordPress challenge –  here is the actual challenge – about “morning”; and I have to have my blood drawn tomorrow for routine lab work.  It’s good that today has arrived because I’ve been in a panic over it for 5 days.

Let’s discuss the lab work:  I don’t like needles in my arm.  I have to laugh at myself.  I get injections in my eye, right?  I just don’t like waiting to find out if my everythings are normal.  And then, I anticipate huge lectures if my everythings aren’t normal even though they always are normal.  That needle just stays in my arm sooooo long.  I always feel badly for the lab technician.

Of equal panic is the 400 word thing about “morning”.  I certainly can write the 400 words.  Issue:  a first sentence would help.  I don’t even need an idea of where it might lead.  Just a first sentence.  Or – a thin piece of thread leading to a first sentence.

And on that note, I’m off to soak.