We went to the Farmer’s Market.

Came home with a  String of Pearls hanging plant that will look like this soon!  And some veggies…



And a hanging basket of purple Lamium.  I love the way its little purple flowers peek out all round it.  And some veggies…


And a potted Asparagus Fern to add to our fern collection. And walked around and snacked on a stuffed pita.


Yesterday, at exactly the Summer Solstice, we were married 13 years  ♥


One Of Those Lost April Afternoons – Balcony Pictures, Yay!

our balconyWe think we have the balcony done!  All praise and glory be!  We’ve both taken some photographs.  I’ll add those here – if it works out.

our balcony 2We’ve sat on the balcony writing and reading /or blogging and/or napping.  One of those lost afternoons one hopes to never find quite the same again.

our balcony 4How lovely is spring just after winter has subsided once again – or not!

(over the years, you’ve built the benches….you throw the stoneware pottery pots at the studio)

Until laterz,


The Balcony View…

our balcony

OMG! I Took This Picture!

From The Balcony…

Someone asked to see the view from our balcony…ummm…hmm…if you click on it it’s huge!  Oh well.  I tried.

We are having the most wonderful of late afternoons.  Here is the view from our balcony…

I hear the sounds of children screeching and doing cannon balls into the pool.  I hear parents coaxing toddlers into blue waters.  Fearful crying. Victory laughter.  I smell the aroma of foods from the BBQ.  The sky is so blue and everything – just everything – is so, so green and golden and newly budding.  I wonder …  All week.  All month.  I love loving you and spring and writing.  It’s just so exhausting.  All of it combined. At one time.  In one breath.

See that ‘Rosary Bead Plant’?  It has its own spot on the balcony.  Sometimes it blooms tiny white flowers.  I love the fact that we are surrounded by an empty lot on one side and redwoods surrounding us and the calming and cooling blue pool just below.  One would not even know that just a few steps outside is the SF Bay area and all its millions. Might not seem like much but…when you live in Silicon Valley, a quarter of a huge green city block (probably an old fruit farm) makes for a wonderful tree house-like view.  Some close small mountains.  Some far ones.  The bamboo swaying and so thick all year.

I enjoy this today knowing that, any moment, the family will sell that one remaining parcel.  Upon it will be built a figment of imagination.  It might be quite lovely.  It won’t be green and soft and calming.

Hahaha!  I had to help fix supper and clean.  Baked salmon with onions and mushrooms and a nice red pepper served over butternut squash and grains. So…it’s no longer afternoon!

It’s quiet.  The parakeets sing softly to music from “Secret Garden”.  A soft golden glow embraces the room and the book shelves and all things magical about our love.  I will return to my story ‘Lauradale’…proving much more complicated than I imagined.



The bathroom faucet is leaking.  I’m not sure you know what you’re doing.  You announce that the faucet must be taken apart.  Aren’t you supposed to turn off the water first?  Hmmm…  This could turn out badly.  I retreat to the balcony to do some gardening.