Fans and Geeks

usb cooling1

usb port fad (hsd)

I know…who really cares about a heatwave hitting the SF Bay Area, right?  That’s fine.  Perfectly fine.  However…

You, in all your geekish nerdy glory, prance out of your study and down the hall and into  my work area.  “I totally forgot about these,” you say.  You are carrying a small box.  It holds several fans one can hook to a usb port on the keyboard.

Hahaha!  Priceless.  I really did marry a gadget man!

But wait!  OMG!  They actually work!  I feel a cool breeze.  I sense a snow storm about to take place.  I’m so hot I’m hallucinating. 😛   **Smoochies***


What Every Writer Longs For…

fictional characters and sane

Thought I’d pop in with this.  As you can see,  I’ve been terribly busy this afternoon.  I don’t feel badly about it.  It’s 92 degrees and builders in Silicon Valley didn’t put air conditioners in condos in 1975.  I hope those same people aren’t allowed to build any longer.  If I hear one more person say, “But it only gets hot, here, a few days a year,”  …  I’ll feel forced to make some honest sort of transplanted Southern Belle response.  The kind of response we Southern Belles make when trying to be polite in 92 degree weather and no a/c.  And trust me, it would not be pleasant.  This will be one of my few random thought posts 😛


Pasketti a la Impromptu

It’s too hot to do much so…we are hosting a very impromptu Italian dinner party tonight.  What you see it what you get…plus strawberries dipped in chocolate.  If it stays hot – into the evening – there may be some ‘jumping into the pool activities’. I’ve resigned from the HOA Board so – to honor your birthday and Gary’s – skinny dipping may be allowed.  Hahaha!