“X” Marks The Spot

Since I decided to center my A-Z entries around my life, Here is Chapter  “X” of the April A-Z Challenge.

“X” Marks The Spot

I remember that time of losing my dog, Black Jack. I was still living in New Orleans. – still married to my ex and we had to have our dog put down. And Mike (my ex) holding our precious Black Jack so close while the vet put her down. And he was sobbing. We’d raised this dog from birth almost. The off spring of Mike’s childhood dog. And we buried her under our cypress tree – the one we’d planted when life was young and we were unaware of so much.

Years after our divorce, he told me that the only tree left standing, after Hurricane Katrina, was that cypress tree we’d planted.

This song reminds me of Black Jack and that time in my life – and it’s just worth listening to if you’ve lost a dog you’ve loved.


Flirting With The Moon & A Song

Have you visited my series of pieces Flirting With The Moon?  I’m still working on this and have gathered it all into one ‘page’.  I keep it on the blog I use for my fiction pieces.  It all began with this song and two poems.  So…if you run into some cold winter days with nothing to do…

Now I’m off to make a pasta sauce from scratch and a loaf of zucchini bread 🙂