While Waiting For The Atmospheric River

Santa Clara County, CA – Shelter-in-Place Week9

Weather forecast calls for an Atmospheric River for our general area between yesterday and Tuesday. We’re due a total of 0.03 inches of rain.ūüėā¬† I can’t help it…coming from New Orleans,¬† I would expect more rainfall during something called an Atmospheric River.¬† But, we’ll take all the rain we can get and it gives us something to think about besides the pandemic.

Partly over the weather forecast and partly because I wanted to smile today¬† ( while waiting for this weather forecast to materialize)¬† we’re watching ‘Singin’ In The Rain’…¬† take a few minutes to watch pure bliss unfold.¬† I mean, what else do you have to do? And who else remembers tap dance lessons?

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Our Daily Walk

Santa Clara County, CA 3/24/20:

We went for a walk yesterday.  Stayed 6 feet away from other people out walking who were also trying to fend off cabin fever.  We were almost run over by a toddler, on a scooter, zooming round the corner and about to fall.  She was wearing a helmet Рtotally oblivious to the world happenings around her.  It was such a joyfilled moment amidst all this corona virus stuff

Wash yer hands!

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Sometimes I like something spontaneous.¬† If you knew me, you’d know how unusual those sometimes are.¬† Spontaneous is joy to me and this flash mob video expresses such joy to me.¬† I’ve posted this before but I wanted to watch again today and share it again.¬† I think this is a beautiful moment in time.¬† Seemingly spontaneous to the casual observer.¬† Just turn up the speakers and dance and sing like crazy.

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Baby Dolls – Diary Entry

I had a little baby doll once.¬† Her name was Baby Doll.¬† She was born about 1958.¬† I still believed in Santa Claus.¬† She was delivered on a Christmas morning with a dent in her box.¬† My dad told me that Rudolph had accidentally stepped on her box.¬† That made me feel like she was truly special ūüôā¬† I bragged about her all up and down the block.¬† That Rudolph had actually stepped on my baby doll’s box.¬† I never once considered her damaged in any way.¬† She was just special.¬† I told her all of my secrets.¬†¬† When I grew up and moved away, my mom kept her.¬† And my sister’s doll.¬† We both had the same kind.¬† Eventually, as adults, my sister asked for her doll and I kept asking my mother to keep her for me.¬† I hadn’t found the most perfect place for her.¬† My mother kept her in the same bassinet she’d used for all five of us kids.¬† A little white wicker thing that had a little white wicker rocking chair along side of it.¬† My¬† mother always dressed my dolly in clothes I’d actually worn as a baby.¬† Lost my dolly to Katrina.¬† Searched since then for another and –

Last week, I found her!  Please join me in welcoming:

ruthie5Gigi Ruth!¬† The lighting is horrible but she’s totally beautiful.¬† I’ve named her after my husband’s mother – who’d be over¬† 100 today.

She must be the most perfect baby doll I’ve ever seen!¬† Sooo realistic looking.¬† I’m amazed.¬†¬†¬† I hope I’ll be able to take pictures in better lighting soon but….this is her perfect self!

And here too!¬†¬† ruthie6How do they do that these days?¬† Make the dolls look so real?¬† Plus she feels real – soft skin, etc – and is weighted like a real baby.¬† I’m thinking to take her grocery shopping with me this week end.¬† Hahaha!


Hawt Dang!

Well hawt dang! Pass the champagne!

I went to my eye specialist this afternoon.¬† Some of you know, she checks my left eye for the wet macular degeneration.¬† Sometimes, if there are issues, I get a teeny injection of Avastin in that eye.¬† I’ve done that for about 10 years.¬† The medication restricts the eye vessels and helps the leakage to stabilize –

Wonderful news is that I haven’t needed an injection since October 2013!¬† Two years!¬† And I didn’t need one today, either.¬† Maybe she hit the leaky vessel right in its sweet spot with that injection two years ago!

I don’t have to return for 6 months.¬† An entire holiday season with no medical visits!¬† Praise the Lord and pass the champagne!¬† I’ll pour ūüôā

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