I’ve Heard Humor Helps

I’ve joined a health club.  Started back watching the kiddies – at the Mother’s group – two mornings a week. It’s hard to be sad around 15 two year olds.  Still trying to pull myself up.  Watching old Fraasier episodes.  Maybe I’ll do Seinfeld next.  It’s not that politics was any better those many years ago when I was in my 40’s..  I was simply younger and still had hope for our country.

Oops.  There I go again.  I took off the depression tag.  But, you get it.


Love At The End Of The Day…

There was a “thunk” against our door – late into this evening.  You opened the door.  I don’t wish to imply that you are odd or I am odd or we are odd 😛 but it seems you have ordered the book  If I Ran The Zoo by Dr. Suess and that I have allowed you to read the first part of it to me – aloud and showing me pictures.  I ask you what you plan to do with this book…you claim you will read it to someone who comes here one day. You can’t seem to get the possibility of grand kids off your mind. I love you, sweetie.  You’re so damned sweet 😛   I just can’t help myself sometimes.


*you have a comment to make about this entry – it’s rare but you have one and I shall post it:

Me:  Is this an honest description of you – that you can’t get grandkids off your mind?

You:  No.  I have other kids to play with now.

Us:  LOL!

It’s a nice book, honey.  The cover is nice and red.  Red is your favorite color…


You Can Stay Up For One Song…


The Beatles

What?  One song and then to bed.  Followed by mass protests throughout our home…sobbing and wailing.  Come Sunday night, we could keep the TV on later than usual and watch the entire Ed Sullivan Show.  That just goes to show you that 5 kids outnumber 2 parents – sometimes.  I truly believe my parents forever cursed that night and The Beatles and the fact that all of their kids were Baby Boomers.

Take a peek at the Beatles on Ed Sullivan!!!