OMG – Free Floating Anxiety

You call (Skype) to tell me that you’ll be flying to (points unknown) on (day unknown) as a part of your vacation.  As if I flucking needed to hear that when I just read that some United States National Security Something Something Hopefully Nothing Tax Paid For Agency has proclaimed a global alert for traveling US citizens. That’s OK. You go on. I won’t mention it to you when we Skype. I’ll just put it here, on my blog: WHAT? OMG HE’S DOING WHAT? OK…that didn’t make me feel any better. I’m fine with saying I’m a chicken shit. What are you thinking? Oh. I forgot. You don’t read the news. It bores you. So you haven’t a clue. Remember when you said I was morbid in ways you couldn’t define?  I will file this under Random Thoughts, etc.


Velvet & Stars (A Poem)

Velvet & Stars

I’d like
one of those warm blankets
of words
to cover and shield me
from this winter twilight’s chill
and windy avenues
sweeping lovers along in their bliss
and Christmas bells on carriages
ringing with promise
of ancient hopes.
Softest words
meant for only hearts to feel.
Come soon, my sweetest gentle man,
to lay beneath velvet and stars with me
and we may not strain so
to let love
whisper stories
we’ve never stopped longing to hear.