While Waiting For The Atmospheric River

Santa Clara County, CA – Shelter-in-Place Week9

Weather forecast calls for an Atmospheric River for our general area between yesterday and Tuesday. We’re due a total of 0.03 inches of rain.ūüėā¬† I can’t help it…coming from New Orleans,¬† I would expect more rainfall during something called an Atmospheric River.¬† But, we’ll take all the rain we can get and it gives us something to think about besides the pandemic.

Partly over the weather forecast and partly because I wanted to smile today¬† ( while waiting for this weather forecast to materialize)¬† we’re watching ‘Singin’ In The Rain’…¬† take a few minutes to watch pure bliss unfold.¬† I mean, what else do you have to do? And who else remembers tap dance lessons?

Ellespeth  ♥

Long Story Short (A Poem)

*the video store near us is going out of business. ¬†one of the movies we bought – for a couple bucks – was Rosemary’s Baby. ¬†We’re going to watch it tonight. ¬†Over supper, I came up with this poem*

Long Story Short
I want to watch a movie about something
that could actually happen
like the devil spawning babies
and sin
and lust
and all those other things
people say matter.


It’s Never Too Late…

To learn something new.¬† I babysat for two hours this morning.¬† He’s 4.¬† I must have bored him.¬† Thirty minutes into my stay he opens the media center cabinet and announces that we are going to watch Curious George.¬† Who is that? He runs his tiny fingers through his hair and rolls his eyes and tells me Curious George is a monkey.¬† It will take me a few days to digest what I saw and what it may or may not mean.


Editorial Rules..(The Big Chill)

There is only one.¬† Write no longer than the average potty break.¬† He worked for People Magazine.¬† You wanted some bread and cheese.¬† We are taking a break from the movie.¬† You are editorializing about magazine columns and relating them to blogs.¬† I ask you if you think I should go back to one paragraph.¬† You hand me a piece of cheese and say no.¬† Oh that’s good cheese.¬† Port Salut.¬† Oh yum!¬† Back to the movie!


The Third Viewing


Camille Claudel

I want to watch it again.¬† Alone.¬† Camille Claudel…movie circa 1988…We were both married to different people then.¬† We were still someone who smashed atoms and someone who smashed tomatoes on the poetry stage.¬† I want to watch it again.¬† Without you there.¬† Without interruption.¬† Without us discussing the art of art and the art of science.¬† I want a lace collar like she’s wearing and wispy bits of hair.¬† I want to share a coffee with her.¬† Tell a Cajun joke.¬† Just to see her with an unexpected smile not set in clay.¬† Something about lace is happening inside me.¬† Like the¬† chaplet women used to use to cover their heads for Mass.


A 1970’s Sort of Night

I handed you all the Jim Croce CD’s we have.¬† You loaded them onto a USB drive.¬† We sat on the balcony swing and watched the sun set a brilliant summer pastel purple. We ate heart shaped crackers.¬† I arranged daisies in our white chipped vase.¬† Our eyes met. I proclaimed¬† ‘Lover’s Cross’¬† his best song.¬† We kissed and planned Singing In The Rain for our movie tonight.


Cooking Badge – Girl Scout Stew

Nix the canned mixed veggies.¬† Oh!¬† Let’s add fresh mushrooms and corn and tomatillos.¬† Wine is not in the ingredients.¬† Hmmm… Don’t write on the recipe card it’s 50 years old!¬† Proudly models sash with badges.¬† What?¬† Oh sewing.¬† Your bouncing off the wall laughter.¬† Let’s top this with mashed potatoes and call it Winter’s Sheperd Pie.¬† Good night to watch Carnage.


Cupcakes and Art


Cupcake stores.¬† Such places exist!¬† I’ll take the blue one.¬† No.¬† No.¬† That orange one.¬† Does the icing taste like oranges?¬† Yes then the orange one,¬† please.¬† Oh yuck.¬† You chose green.¬†¬† How many?¬†¬† Later,¬† we watched The Mill & The Cross.¬†¬† Pieter Bruegel.¬† 1564.¬† “The Procession to Calvary” takes on a life of it’s own.¬† It’s amazing anyone survived at all in those days.¬† We pause it.¬† I feed you a cupcake and lick some green icing from your finger tip.¬† Oh yuck.¬† Lime.¬† Jesus still died in the end.