This Isn’t Possible!

So I was in this NaNoWriMo thing for the month of July.  I was shooting for 10,000 words.  As the end of the month approached, I was getting excited.  I was going to surpass 10,000!  Ya gotta love those word count tools, right?

Wrong…I’d been misreading the tool.  I was going to surpass 10,000 characters.  I wrote about 2000 words.  I could say I ‘ONLY’ wrote about 2000 words but what good would that do?  It sure felt like 10,000 words.  I’m not counting my like these sorts of blog entries.  I mean my fiction and my poetry.

I guess it felt like 10,000 words because what I put out there still continues to be edited and edited.  I want it practically perfect for my book.  So yeah…I’m pretty sure I touched every word I wrote at least 10,000 times in July.

Yay me!  It was my goal and I proclaim that I’ve achieved it 😛


Goldenrod Wingtips – fiction

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

This is more of Buck & /Sissy…for those following this tale.  Stands alone good here and I’m thankful for the prompt, Rochelle!

Goldenrod Wingtips

Buck settled into his seat on the plane. Even on a tense day like today, when he’d just been discharged from the psych unit,  he could stretch out comfortably.

When you are discharged, come to the Norway farm,” Sissy had written him. Sissy was so ever-loving of him. So sure of every step they’d taken together.  When he prayed, Buck gave thanks for Sissy.

As the plane landed, a ray of sunlight touched upon the wing’s tip and burst goldenrod sparkles.

Buck was crazy as the day is born. Some days,  though,  that just doesn’t matter.


photo prompt copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Everyone Heard Her

Let me put this up here.  This is an idea I’ve been working on for the small poetry collection I hope to publish this year.    At first I thought it would be just poetry.  Now I’m working on the idea of one page poetry and the facing page prose on the same theme.  I have one  ready.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use the photographs in the book  😦  Wondering how this would go over.  If you have a moment to comment your opinion of this idea that’s be great.  If not, know that I appreciate you reading this and following my work.   Ellespeth

Over The Neighbors’ Fences – A Poem
Everyone heard her leaving him
hollering out
into a blue sky afternoon.
Quilts and sheets
billowed on clothes lines
and ladies whispered
over backyard fences
up and down the block.
The men hurried to the corner
where they discussed the situation
over beer and peanuts
up and down the bar.


I Was A Young Boy ThenProse/Fiction

Everyone heard her shouting.  All up and down the block they
gathered.   Darkness hovered hauntingly over our neighborhood.

“I won’t hear from your lips again!” she hollered.“Not another word that you say!”

I was a young boy then.  Listening safely, from my bed, to this
ruckus in the night. Hoping
her husband would say something.

Everything in the world was silent.
And then there came the sound of her
old red Mustang screeching down our street.



It Doesn’t Take Much Some Days – Fiction

It Doesn’t Take Much Some Days

The night that Buck broke down wasn’t really different from most other nights.  Later, at a far distance, he would see that night as an accumulation of nights .

“Don’t come near me, Sissy!”  The tone of Buck’s voice alarmed me.

“Buck?:”  I impulsively moved closer to him.

“Don’t come near, Sissy.”

“What should I do, Buck?  Let me call somebody?”

“Maybe so.”

I sensed him in some faraway place.  “I’m going to call the EMS people or something, Buck.  Just hold onto my hand, sweetie  Just hold on.”

And he did, thank God.


*** please click here for all of the stories in this collection:  When There Wasn’t Much Left

Patience Is A Virtue

I haven’t done much writing lately.  But I’m working on it.  Doesn’t help to rush things.  I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo – starts in July.  It was a great help to me last year even though I didn’t make the 50,,000 word mark.

To help organize myself this year, I’ve created a new blog for my summer stories and prose.  It’s called Flirting With The Moon & Other Stories.  It’s here:  It’s also l inked on the top menu. I’m happy with the theme and layout.  Soft colors like this one.  If you get a chance to pass by there, let me know what you think 🙂

The only thing on there, right now, is what I’ve written for Flirting With The Moon that I’ve compiled into one long document.  My goal is to take all that and come up with 3 or 4 stories.   I think beyond that once I’m there.

I took Friday and today off from toddler sitting.  You went alone to toddler sit both mornings.  What a gift it is to be married to your co-worker!   Tomorrow is already an off day during the summer.  So I’ve had these five days to do some summer writing planning.  Hopefully, we won’t get busy again until after Labor Day.

Since I retired, three years ago, I look forward to resting up during the summer months!  We enjoy our time with the toddlers and helping these young families but…this long summer break is so nice.  Three mornings a week until July 2 and summertime here we come!!

Time for more resting!


Postcard – Final Postcard Before Headed Home

Ok…so I was a little bit overly optimistic when I said I’d do 25000 words in a month.  LMAO.  And so I only ended up with 10,000 words.  I went in planning on a novel 😛  I left with some poems and a dreadful fairytale 😛  It was fun…unfortunately – I’ve promised a  poem a day starting 7/8…and I fully intend to torture everyone with this promise.

My cabinmates, as I said on day one, consumed all the ‘smores, snored, and otherwise chased pink balloons on the beach at all ungodly  hours of the day (and night).  That said, I may attend, again, in November.  Or…I may not.


By Chance (A Poem)

By Chance
Some spaces are off-limits.
You are not to touch them.
You must certainly never ask to see them.
If you think you may have found one,
you are to let me know immediately as
I make every attempt to hide these spaces
in spaces within myself
previously uninteresting to others.
Chances are I’ve let you find
a few of my secret spaces, but
I want to be certain
that I am aware
of those spaces within me
found by someone other than


Postcard from Camp Nanowrimo – Week Two

This crazy blonde, dressed in a pink fairy gown, ran down the beach chasing a pink balloon and laughing hysterically at t he crack of dawn this morning.  I put my Girl Scout compass and my Brownie whistle around my  neck and pretended to be the Camp Police.  I read her camp rule #8 = campers dressed in pink fairy dresses are only allowed to chase green balloons.  She liked my pink fuzzy floppy bunny slippers.  Getting a lot of writing done.  Well down – not totally done.  Hot dogs and pork n beans tonight.  Gawd!  It’s been fairly quiet.  Wish you were here.

Ellespeth  ♥

Once Upon A Bed Again IV (Fairy Prose)

(This is a continuing something or other.  I hope it will be a fairytale one day.  Previous to this can be found here:…and from there are links to two other installments.  I hope – over the weekend-  to have them in a page on my top  menu.  Thank you for following my tale.  If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them.  I think I am developing a plot.  I just don’t see it yet :P)

Dressing for Breakfast

My goodness!  I certainly hope your day has gone better than mine. It’s unfortunate that I must waste our storytime but, obviously, I have some explaining to do about exactly why this story is in an envelope filled with loose pages and all of the pictures are in the front and the story, itself, in the back. Well… not only do I believe in fairies but, as anyone with even the least amount of sense knows.  it isn’t any fun to get everything all at one time – especially fairy magic. Now, you could probably read this story in any order and still make sense of it. However, I have asked your parents, and babysitters, and older brothers and sisters, to make an honest attempt to read the story in order – one part an evening. At least the first time. They have also been instructed that young children are to be given all of the pictures at the start of each reading. I happen to know, for a fact, that children prefer the pictures anyway. If you are not given the pictures, you are to let me know right away.

Let me begin, where we left off last evening:

Not only are fairies difficult, but they are also very sensitive creatures. Although my own Bedroom Fairy, Brightly, was the most perfect fairy, there is Chloe to consider. She is not above or below perfection. Chloe is simply difficult and sensitive. For instance, she expects her magical maneuvers to be observed and acknowledged.

“You do not even notice where I am,” she said. I had come to get my daughter, Irene,  up for breakfast and ready for school. Admittedly, fairies were the last thing on my mind first thing in the morning, and I had failed to take proper notice of the fact that Chloe had so perfectly guided her dewdrop onto the night stand next to Irene’s bed.

Irene did notice. “Oh! Good morning, Chloe!” There were smiles and greetings into which I was not invited. Nor was I acknowledged. “Did you sleep well your first night guarding my bedroom?”

“Quite well, thank you.” Chloe stepped out of her private dewdrop and into her daily attire. It was Tuesday. Fairies wear certain clothing on certain days of the week. On Tuesdays, fairies wear pink.

“What color are you wearing today?” Chloe called out from the bottom drawer of the night stand into which she had neatly unpacked her clothes.

“I haven’t decided.” Irene was standing in front of her closet. She was almost 5-years-old and insisted on dressing herself and choosing what she would wear. Her mother and I had long ago given up on trying to explain, to Irene, that certain colors went together and certain colors…well… did not. We had given up so long ago that we actually liked color combinations such as yellow and purple, and we were beginning to believe that polka dots and stripes matched.

There were a few minutes of searching and finding and deciding against certain items. Eventually, Irene stood in front of Chloe. She was wearing a beautiful frilly green dress that had a lovely full bow in the back. Underneath that, she wore a pair of blue jeans. Her tennis shoes were barely tied and her socks were topped with lace.

Chloe was wearing the most lovely pink fairy gown. It hung just to her ankles and, when she moved, its skirt swirled all about her. She put on a pair of ballet slippers and sprinkled a rainbow of glitter in her hair.

They observed each other for a moment. Then, Chloe – who was tiny enough, after all, to sleep in a dewdrop – sat upon Irene’s shoulder. And that is how they arrived for breakfast.