One Of Those Lost April Afternoons – Balcony Pictures, Yay!

our balconyWe think we have the balcony done!  All praise and glory be!  We’ve both taken some photographs.  I’ll add those here – if it works out.

our balcony 2We’ve sat on the balcony writing and reading /or blogging and/or napping.  One of those lost afternoons one hopes to never find quite the same again.

our balcony 4How lovely is spring just after winter has subsided once again – or not!

(over the years, you’ve built the benches….you throw the stoneware pottery pots at the studio)

Until laterz,


I Question The Reality…

Of Writer’s Block.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist.  I’ve fallen ill with symptoms mimicking jello brain madness many times myself.  Today I am blaming it on the sudden time change.  Something is always to blame – or, unfortunately, someone.   You are innocently napping.  That really gets my goat.  That you can nap when I’m having an inner hissy fit.  I’m grateful for this blog.  Remember the fad of keeping a Gratefulness Diary?  And did we really do those sorts of things thinking they would bring us some sort of sanity?  I don’t believe in Writer’s Block.  I believe in the Filibuster Approach.  Just keep writing.  Write letters.  Write thank you notes for those Christmas presents received almost three months ago.  Longhand.  Just write.  It doesn’t matter.  Not everything makes it’s way to the editor’s desk.

I cover you with my favorite throw and kiss the tip of your nose.  You’re dead to the world.