Once Upon A Bed Again – When Chloe Glowed Golden (Fiction)

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  So grateful to PJ for hosting this weekly challengeThis week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Goroyboy!

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Here is the photograph and my story:

This is a story featuring my children’s book thingy maybe and its main character, Chloe.  Tentatively titled Once Upon A Bed Again.  I’ve posted most of the stories on this blog.  Here’s a new one:

When Chloe Glowed Golden

One evening, when I was babysitting my two grandchildren and one of them had lost a tooth that very day,  the bedtime conversation was about tooth fairies.  Fairies in general,  really,  and the importance of believing in them.

I thought this a good time to bring up my own experience with fairies.  Well.  One fairy in particular.  My childhood bedroom fairy,  Chloe.  She slept in a dew drop near my window sill.

“Sometimes she’d sit on my thumb,”  I said.  “She was no bigger than a tiny blinky Christmas light.  At these times,  all around us glowed golden.  Chloe – that was her name – would flit here and there sprinkling tiny glittery stars and hearts all about.”

“Those moments were magical.”  I was tucking blankets and sheets all round my precious grand-kids.  “Nothing can really describe them.”  And they nodded knowingly.


Chloe Comes Calling – Fiction

Here is my submission for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam, author of the blog, Creative Busyness.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving to y’all.  I hope you enjoy this installment of my favorite fairy, Chloe.

Hahaha!  It would certainly help if I posted my story to the challenge!  So here goes – a day late – and also, click the froggy for more entries.

Chloe Comes Calling

One afternoon, several years after Irene died, I decided to visit the garden where we’d spent so much time together. From the moment Irene was born, and until the day she passed away, I was her bedroom fairy. My name is Chloe.

On this particular afternoon Irene’s grand-niece, Karen, was playing under an old oak tree. Her mother had inherited the family home and worked hard to keep the garden’s beauty blooming through the seasons. I was quietly floating between colorful metal statues of garden art.

Karen knelt down near to where I thought I was so carefully hidden. “Well, hello there!” she whispered.

“You see me?” I asked.

“Yes, I do.”

I floated closer to her. Only people who believe in fairies can see us.

“And I even know who you are,” Karen said.

“You do?”

“Karen, who are you talking to?” her mother asked as she approached us.

“It’s Chloe, Mother!”

We had a lovely tea party. Karen’s mother shared memories of Irene.  The air was scented with mint and laughter.


Moving Day – Fiction

Time for another installment of   Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below. Click on the froggy link (after this piece) and come join us!

This story marks a year I’ve been pestering people with Friday Fictioneers. I really never dreamed that I could write a story almost as short as my poetry, so I’m grateful for the encouragement I’ve received here. For me, Friday Fictioneers has become as addictive as Crème Brûlée.

My offering, this week, is a 100 word piece about Chloe – a fairy character I’ve written about before in my infrequent series “Once Upon A Bed Again”

ff_santoshwriter-1Moving Day

When Miss Randolph died she left behind a garden – famous for miles around,  and me.

My name is Chloe.  I’m a fairy and I live in a dewdrop, on a bougainvillea leaf, deep in Miss Randolph’s garden.  I’m moving today.  It won’t be the same here without her.  You see, we’ve known each other since she was a young child.  When I first moved here,  I was her bedroom fairy.  Then I was her garden fairy.  At the end, I was once again her bedroom fairy.

I don’t want to move too far away.  Miss Randolph promised she’d visit me often.


photo prompt – © Santoshwriter

Chloe Swallows Her Pride – Fairy Prose

I’m going to continue, here, the sort of fairytale book I’m writing.  If you’re interested, you can somewhat catch up  – maybe not totally, sigh – here    – but it stands alone nicely, too, I think:

…Not only are fairies difficult, but they are also very sensitive creatures. Although my own Bedroom Fairy, Brightly, was the most perfect fairy, there is Chloe to consider. She is not above or below perfection. Chloe is simply difficult and sensitive…(from the first story)

Chloe Swallows Her Pride

Please do excuse me for my abrupt exit during our last visit. Most of our family’s energies, since my daughter Irene lost her tooth and Chloe and her sister Ivy pretended to be tooth fairies, have been spent trying to smooth Chloe’s sensitive and ruffled wings.

Chloe stayed gone for a very long time. At least it seemed that way to us.   Instinctively we knew that Chloe was embarrassed because she thought she’d failed in some way. However, not being fairies, we were unable to let Chloe know how little such things mattered.

Slowly she began to make her way back – deeper into our garden and nearer my studio window.

One afternoon, I was working on my latest canvas. “Chloe? What do you think? Shall I add a tad more blue to this sky?”

“I think more light.”

“Ah! Thank you, Chloe!” And I added some golden to the canvas.


Chloe Goes Broke – Once Upon A Bed Again Runs Up Against Terrible Financial News

Hoping to get back blogging this week-end.  I  miss everyone and hope all is well…In the meantime, Chloe (the tooth fairy in my fairy tale) is having fits over a news article she read today.  This is not a joke.  I have put the link…we are headed for a tooth fairy bubble worse than the housing bubble.  This is dreadful news!  Did I read that correctly?  2% of parents leave $50 per tooth?  What ever happened to a dime?  Fairies don’t carry paper bills – they carry coins!  I  liked that last line about the price of door knobs and string.  LOL!



Once Upon A Bed Again V (Fairy Prose)

(This is a continuing something or other.  I hope it will be a fairytale one day.  Previous to this can be found  https://balconyviewz.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/once-upon-a-bed-again-iv-fairy-prose/ and from there you can link to the others.  I hope to have this in  my top  menu in time.  Thank you for following this tale.  Any comments or suggetions are appreciated)

The Barely Loose Tooth

Before we begin our story this evening, I wanted to be certain to tell you that Bedroom Fairies and Tooth Fairies are not the same kind of fairy. For instance, Bedroom Fairies usually live most of their lives in beautiful fairy tree castles deep in the woods. This is a well-known fact. No one knows, or at least not many people know, where Tooth Fairies live, but most people know that Tooth Fairies are much tinier than Bedroom Fairies. Tooth Fairies must be tiny in order to reach under pillows to take a tooth and then reach back under the pillow to leave a present…all without waking up a sleeping child.

Now…I must bring you up to date about my daughter, Irene’s, most recent owie.  Perhaps you’d call it a boo boo.

Irene and Chloe were outside playing ‘chase the butterfly’. Irene had made Chloe a beautiful miniature butterfly net from a piece of an old nylon stocking glued to a bobby pin.

Suddenly, I heard quite a bit of commotion just outside my library window. The window was open and, just as I stood from my chair, Chloe came flying in. She dropped her butterfly net and hurried towards me. “Irene has fallen! She hit her mouth and her tooth is loose!” She flew beside me as I rushed outside.

“My tooth is loose!” Irene smiled. She was sitting under an old oak tree and I sat down beside her.

Chloe hovered about somewhat flustered and finally whispered in my ear, “She isn’t 5 yet so I haven’t had a chance to find a tooth fairy! This will never do!”

“Let’s see just how loose that tooth is,” I said. “Open wide and show me which tooth.” Irene very proudly opened her mouth and pointed to an upper front tooth. It was obvious she had been wiggling it because there were specks of dirt on the tooth. She tried to wiggle it again. “Let’s go inside so you can wash your hands,” I suggested.

Irene reached up for my hand and stood up. “Will the tooth fairy come tonight?” she asked. She skipped ahead of me and up the porch steps and into the hallway bathroom. Chloe looked back at me, flustered, and flew behind Irene into the house.

By the time Irene’s mother came home from work, it had been decided that Irene’s tooth was barely loose at all. Even so, my wife knelt in front of Irene to check for herself. “No pain?” she asked as she touched the tooth.

“Only a little,” Irene said. “Will the Tooth Fairy come tonight?”

“Not until your tooth falls out.” She kissed Irene’s cheek. “And it won’t fall out today.”

“Will it fall out by my birthday party?” In two days, on Saturday, Irene would be 5-years-old. “I hope it falls out by then so I can show Anne.” Anne was Irene’s best friend. She was almost 6 and had already lost two baby teeth.

After supper, while my wife was helping Irene with her bath, I tried to calm Chloe. “There’s plenty of time to find a Tooth Fairy,” I assured her. Not only are fairies difficult and sensitive, but they also require quite a bit of comforting.

“I’m not sure,” Chloe said. She had already stepped into her dewdrop and put on her soft pink nightgown that had sparkly parts on the bottom.

“Not sure?” I asked.

Chloe pouted. “Yes. I’m not sure where I will ever find the Tooth Fairy, for Irene, so quickly! I will be quite busy tomorrow.” Then she laid down, on a small leaf inside her dewdrop, and slept fitfully.


Once Upon A Bed Again IV (Fairy Prose)

(This is a continuing something or other.  I hope it will be a fairytale one day.  Previous to this can be found here: https://balconyviewz.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/once-upon-a-bed-again-iii-fairy-prose/…and from there are links to two other installments.  I hope – over the weekend-  to have them in a page on my top  menu.  Thank you for following my tale.  If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them.  I think I am developing a plot.  I just don’t see it yet :P)

Dressing for Breakfast

My goodness!  I certainly hope your day has gone better than mine. It’s unfortunate that I must waste our storytime but, obviously, I have some explaining to do about exactly why this story is in an envelope filled with loose pages and all of the pictures are in the front and the story, itself, in the back. Well… not only do I believe in fairies but, as anyone with even the least amount of sense knows.  it isn’t any fun to get everything all at one time – especially fairy magic. Now, you could probably read this story in any order and still make sense of it. However, I have asked your parents, and babysitters, and older brothers and sisters, to make an honest attempt to read the story in order – one part an evening. At least the first time. They have also been instructed that young children are to be given all of the pictures at the start of each reading. I happen to know, for a fact, that children prefer the pictures anyway. If you are not given the pictures, you are to let me know right away.

Let me begin, where we left off last evening:

Not only are fairies difficult, but they are also very sensitive creatures. Although my own Bedroom Fairy, Brightly, was the most perfect fairy, there is Chloe to consider. She is not above or below perfection. Chloe is simply difficult and sensitive. For instance, she expects her magical maneuvers to be observed and acknowledged.

“You do not even notice where I am,” she said. I had come to get my daughter, Irene,  up for breakfast and ready for school. Admittedly, fairies were the last thing on my mind first thing in the morning, and I had failed to take proper notice of the fact that Chloe had so perfectly guided her dewdrop onto the night stand next to Irene’s bed.

Irene did notice. “Oh! Good morning, Chloe!” There were smiles and greetings into which I was not invited. Nor was I acknowledged. “Did you sleep well your first night guarding my bedroom?”

“Quite well, thank you.” Chloe stepped out of her private dewdrop and into her daily attire. It was Tuesday. Fairies wear certain clothing on certain days of the week. On Tuesdays, fairies wear pink.

“What color are you wearing today?” Chloe called out from the bottom drawer of the night stand into which she had neatly unpacked her clothes.

“I haven’t decided.” Irene was standing in front of her closet. She was almost 5-years-old and insisted on dressing herself and choosing what she would wear. Her mother and I had long ago given up on trying to explain, to Irene, that certain colors went together and certain colors…well… did not. We had given up so long ago that we actually liked color combinations such as yellow and purple, and we were beginning to believe that polka dots and stripes matched.

There were a few minutes of searching and finding and deciding against certain items. Eventually, Irene stood in front of Chloe. She was wearing a beautiful frilly green dress that had a lovely full bow in the back. Underneath that, she wore a pair of blue jeans. Her tennis shoes were barely tied and her socks were topped with lace.

Chloe was wearing the most lovely pink fairy gown. It hung just to her ankles and, when she moved, its skirt swirled all about her. She put on a pair of ballet slippers and sprinkled a rainbow of glitter in her hair.

They observed each other for a moment. Then, Chloe – who was tiny enough, after all, to sleep in a dewdrop – sat upon Irene’s shoulder. And that is how they arrived for breakfast.