Some Trains Leave Forever – Fiction

Here’s another short piece submitted for Flash Fiction For Aspiring WritersAs always, so thankful to PJ for taking her time – each week – on behalf of both writer and reader.  Please follow the lil foggy icon to read other submissions.

steam trainsSome Trains Leave Forever

I used to watch the trains go by wondering where they were going and what adventures awaited the passengers.

And then, sometime later. remember? You and I would kiss and dance on the station platform and kick our heels up at the passing passengers.

Then, one day, through the steam we lost her. The last touch I saw her receive was the social worker’s hand wiping the tears from my always baby’s face.

And then we walked home. We drank coffee spiked with brandy and cried. We had already cried, but we cried again to lose her.


photo prompt from The Storyteller’s Abode