“X” Marks The Spot

Since I decided to center my A-Z entries around my life, Here is Chapter  “X” of the April A-Z Challenge.

“X” Marks The Spot

I remember that time of losing my dog, Black Jack. I was still living in New Orleans. – still married to my ex and we had to have our dog put down. And Mike (my ex) holding our precious Black Jack so close while the vet put her down. And he was sobbing. We’d raised this dog from birth almost. The off spring of Mike’s childhood dog. And we buried her under our cypress tree – the one we’d planted when life was young and we were unaware of so much.

Years after our divorce, he told me that the only tree left standing, after Hurricane Katrina, was that cypress tree we’d planted.

This song reminds me of Black Jack and that time in my life – and it’s just worth listening to if you’ve lost a dog you’ve loved.


A Beautiful Moment In Time – A-Z Challenge

This is from ‘An Autobiography Of  A Poet’ and was composed for the 2016 A to-Z April Challenge. I thought I’d make my April A-Z challenge some sort of autobiography.

Here is Chapter A:

One afternoon after work, I heard its call. It sounded like an injured squirrel. I called to you and we headed outside to our garden. At first, there was silence. But then came the sound again. We followed it to the most magnificent sight – a Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot was perched in our garden!  It seemed scared.

We moved our parakeets from ’round their cage (they were already free flying) and took their cage outside. Our neighbors gathered near. Some rushed home and came back with wild birdseed. We sprinkled the seed into the cage. Eventually, the bird entered the cage.

Long story short… we kept the bird for two years. Since we didn’t know it’s gender, we named it Girlie Man.   How beautiful a time that was for us…to see how gentle this huge bird was with our tiny parakeets. They were all free flying.

Eventually, another couple adopted Girlie Man. We’d kept her/him for two years until a new neighbor complained about the morning and evening squawking.

An amazing learning experience…nothing beats having an Amazon Parrot join you ‘on’ the dinner table.


Batman Has Died

Batman died today. Our parakeet. The last of our parakeets who knew our first parakeet, Milo. He left behind his lover, Robyn, and his friends, Sweet Pea and Fifty… and us.   Batman had some sort of anal tumor – best we could tell. We set him down into the same garden where you’d buried Milo.

“You have my total permission to do that with me when my time comes. Just throw me into some garden. Or off some bridge,” I said.

You shook your head and frowned.

I walked towards you and touched your face. You said something about a parakeet’s pea sized brain and humans being sentimental.

Later, you took me down to the garden. I whistled Batman’s favorite tune. We came back upstairs and ate ham sandwiches for supper.


Birds Don’t Like Earthquakes & Neither Do I !!


our sweet birds

3AM or so this morning:  loud tweeting comes from the living room where the birds are in their cage for the night  They were much too upset to let out the cage.  They may have injured themselves.  We figured it was a small earthquake.  After half an hour, they calmed down and we went back to bed.  Maybe they were still feeling aftershocks because they fretted for an hour or so after that even.

3PM or so this afternoon:  I’m reading the news.  Yikes!  At about 3AM, there was a 6.0 earthquake about 90 miles north or here that was felt 200 miles south.  Oh my good gawd!  We didn’t feel it but the birds did.  They pick up on the slightest shaking of their sleeping cage.  Sigh.

It happened in Napa – in the wine country.  100 or so injuries and property damage.  Looks like some brick facades fell off some of the historic buildings.  Insides of some homes look pretty shaken up.  Broken barrels of wine and bottles of shattered wine.

UC Berkeley is bragging about their earthquake warning device giving a 10 second warning of ‘light shaking’.10 SECONDS!  You say that’s better than nothing and better than in the past. Oh well.  Yay!  I guess 😦

I’m very thankful that this wasn’t worse than it could have been.  Still and all…at least, in New Orleans, we knew days in advance that a hurricane was approaching.  Time to decide what to do or not to do, etc.  I don’t consider 10 seconds a warning and that’s one reason I don’t like living in California!  So there!


They Own Us…


Real Life

Our parakeets.    You built them a perching tree out of Manzanita and  Eucalyptus branches from which they make important flock decisions concerning when to buzz dive us.  They love our taste in music.  You’re used to having children.  I’m used to having dogs.  We compromised.

I may post my bread pudding recipe.  I’ll include the Hard Sauce recipe, too.