Things We Think Don’t Need Anymore

Since my internet (computer sorta) strike began – blame Stable Genius Trump news – I’m using these reference books again.  And my old manual typewriter.  And handwritten notebooks.   And layers of Post-It Note corrections.  I feel 20 years younger!

Things We Don’t Need Anymore

Don’t know how long my internet strike will last.  I’m giving myself 5 minutes a day. LOL.  I am on Second Life (a virtual world) , though. I look 40 years younger there!  Let me know if you’d like to meet up there and I’ll try to figure out how we can do that.



Alter Lives

this is not me but a lovely example of the graphics

I have a little alter life that I live on the internet.  Not alone, of course…I’m married to you there, too.  It’s only proper.

I guess I’ve been ‘living’ there about 10 years and that I’ve taken a break and concentrated my creative energies onto WordPress.  I’ve kept wondering how can I create a creative space for artists on…

Second Life.  It’s a lovely place.  It’s free.  It’s interactive and quite visually beautiful.  When I left there, I took out a membership so I wouldn’t lose my identity there and my ‘stuff’.  And then, now today, I’ve signed on and discovered that I have gobs of Second Life money and so I’m gonna buy some space and create a place for artists.  Since I haven’t been there in so long, I accumulated enough funds to keep this going for about 6 months!

While I am doing this artist thing, I’ll also be taking photographs there for my book.   That book.  The one I’ve been writing since I was born.  That’s mainly why I’ll be there but the rest could be fun, too.

Look up Second LIfe.  If you are interested in giving me ideas for an artists’ commune there lemme know.  I know this is way off base for me but…who cares, eh?  Maybe we can meet there.

So lemme know 🙂