Prom Night – 1969 (Fiction)

My submission for a piece of writing no more than 400 words about the word ‘escape’  I didn’t write as many words this week, but I’m satisfied with the piece.   More pieces can be found here at Literary Lion.  Thanks for offering this challenge!

I am so joyful about the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage decision that I couldn’t help but write this piece. gay_pride

Prom Night, 1969

We didn’t talk about it much in those days. So, when Tony didn’t want to kiss me good-night after our prom date, I thought it was something about me. Maybe I had bad breath. Maybe my false eye lashes were drooping off in the New Orleans humidity.  He was so damned perfectly cute, and so was I.

It wasn’t until today, when the Supreme Court voted for gay marriage and I saw Tony’s picture plastered on the front page of the Times Picayune – holding a gay pride flag and kissing some guy smack on the lips – that I realized it never had been me.


When We Were Smitten – Fiction

Here’s a little something for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction .  The piece is supposed to be about 200 words somehow having something to do with the photo below.  I’ve put a link to other stories for this prompt.  Take a peek 🙂

Thanks to Joe Owens for hosting this challenge.

seagullsWhen We Were Smitten

It had been an odd California winter.  It had been an odd period in my life.  Even the seagulls seemed confused.

“I’m gonna shoot the next seagull that makes a sound wherever I happen to be,”  Sam said.

“Oh honestly,  Sam.   Get over this.”  I said.

We were standing on the fishing pier.  Seagulls, perched on the snowy shore,  had formed a perfect line.  The sun glittered upon the lake.

We were on vacation.  I’d gotten away to write.  Sam had gotten away to fish and hunt and those other caveman things he kept to himself back in the city.

“It’s interrupting the silence, Sara.  Don’t you get it?”   Sam threw his line out one more time.  It sank about 8 feet from shore.  “Now shush up.”

“Excuse me?”

“Shush up now,  Sara. I’m getting a bite.”

I hissed,  playfully,  and bit Sam’s neck.


photo prompt © Joe Owens

other stories for this prompt

Dreamers – A Splash of Fiction

  Written for the Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     A 100 word  (or so) story based on this photo prompt.


Pure and simple.  Some things actually matter.  Especially that you tried to kill yourself.  Especially that you survived.

Sissy looked out the window.  It was late spring.  The fjord had melted.  The ferry had docked.  Children had stopped singing “Frozen” and had started singing “In Summer”.   She laid out her dental instruments.   She’d be getting busy.

And one day,  soon,  Buck would step off that ferry.  He’d written her so just yesterday.   “I love you, sweetie.  I feel lucky.  Kisses on your cheek and everywhere,  Buck.”

He’d always been such a dreamer.


**PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Ted Strutz**

And I’ll see if I can’t do something with this.  Link it up to last week’s Buck story – here: and see if I can’t add to this now and then.  Here is this week’s – seems to stand alone okay, too:


Ink Blots – Prose

Written for the  Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     A 100 word  (or so) story based on this photo prompt.

Ink Blots

It was a July afternoon in New Orleans.  Hotter than the hinges of hell.  In the office,  a ceiling fan whirred.  The air conditioner,  an ancient window unit,  sputtered.  Buck had waited a long time for this day.  A similar afternoon,  last July,  had not fared well for him.

“What do you think of when you look at this photograph?”  the psychologist asked?

Buck stared at the photograph.  There was a lot riding on his answer.  Maybe he’d finally get discharged.  “Eating a garlic pizza and sushi by candlelight after a day at the beach collecting sea shells.”

It wasn’t any cooler on the outside than it had been inside.


photograph Copyright Douglas M. Macllroy

Hollywood n’ Costco – A Poem for A Prompt

Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.”

Hollywood n’ Costco
Costco had a special on veal and pork.
I’m lookin’  at you
out the corner of my eye.
It’s called comfort food.
It’s called meatloaf
with mac n’ cheese.
Homemade if you please.
I’ll keep a plate warmed
just for you
Don’t try to fool me.
You love my meatloaf.
I’m watching you closely now.
The color of that dress shirt
sure looks good on you
from here.


The Big Bad (A Poem)

There is a lovely prompt going on at:

where one is encouraged to make the wolf the victim.  It’s asking for flash fiction but…I’ve written this.  I may submit it.  Please pop on over with your own submission!

The Big Bad

He loved her
as though time had stood still.
But time hadn’t stood still.
It raged on
like a flood of droplets
onto and down and over
the roof
into the gutters of love.
She loved him
too much
to bring his roof down.
He loved her too much
to know the difference.
And so they lived
and ever after.

What Others See (#2), 11 More Poem-a-Day Entries Left and All…

As I was driving to supper last evening, I was thinking about how I see myself as shy and how people who know me – some even quite well – don’t consider me shy at all. Most people consider me very outgoing. People who really, really, really know me know how I feel about that! There is a difference between being outgoing on the outside and feeling outgoing on the inside. And that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy being with people. I do. I like listening and watching and I’m fortunate that I have a life I enjoy listening to and watching…and comtemplating…wondering about…letting stuff not make sense sometimes and liking that.

Today was blissful. Sunday resting. An attempt at  a fan fiction prompt was made.

On July 8 I said I’d w ite a poem a day for Nanowrimo.  I have 11 days left 😦  I’m trying to work old stuff and putting out new stuff.  None of these are probably finished but I’d like to complete the process.  I am also doing a writing prompt a day for 30 days at  I ‘m trying…I’m behind on promised readings /book edits and trying to catch up.   It appears I will have entire Tuesdays and Thursdays off while you are gone!  I hope to better organize my time and have a better schedule worked out by the time you return.  Hmmm…didn’t I say that when I retired two years ago?

I miss you, honey.   You don’t even know the name of my blog…so that’s just an I miss you for the heck of it. ♥

Now…on to my poetry entry for today – hopefully.


At The Beach (A Poem)

At The Beach

Shall we build
– upon some pristine beach –
our fire
to the gods that be,
or should we save such displays
for when the gods are sleeping
and the goddesses are dancing?


(This poem had to have the word fire in it and…Oh!  This poem has just been accepted on the Coomunity Storyboard…please do take time to visit this blog and to support all the amazing artists publishing there: )