At The Birthday Supper – Fiction

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

saltAt The Birthday Supper

It was Mother’s birthday. She was 85.  Maybe she’d remember it was her
favorite restaurant.

“Where are all my things?” she asked.

“What things, Mother?   Those things that you didn’t want to leave when you were 50?”

“I remember that birthday.  You took me for supper then, too. I  don’t know why I never left him. Do you remember?”  Mother was cutting an asparagus spear.

“I guess, like he said, he thought you were ethereal and that meant something no one else could ever understand.”

“At the end, he wouldn’t even hold my hand.”

“Don’t look back, Mother.” I squeezed her hand.


photo Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

At This Moment Anyway…

So I can’t sleep… You’re probably right.  Well I know you’re right.  Horrible things have happened since time began.  And in our own lifetime.  We just know everything so instantly now.  Everything about everywhere in the world.  I know what you are trying to tell me is true.

However…I’m not going to read the news for a while.  I think that I am – in some way – letting terrorists control my emotions.  Like a blackmail.  And I’m not going to let that happen to me.

And I think that’s all I want to say about this matter – right now.  Or probably ever.

Ellespeth  ☮

Those Sweet Blue Eyes – A Love Poem

Those Sweet Blue Eyes

It doesn’t do any good.
I mean
The world is a horrible place
Right now.
Or was it yesterday
So ya say
I’ll protest.
I won’t read the news.
I know
Just about everything I want to know
About the world.
So ya promise
You won’t
But ya think
What if something
Absolutely wonderful
I’ll miss it.
And then…

ya know
here you come again
with those sweet blue eyes
and your arms all around me.


Blue Moment With Lace

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!


So…years ago I wrote this sort of sonnet about lace and curtains.  I always thought I’d expand that into a story.   Then this week’s Friday Fictioneers came to be.  Lace curtains!

Here is the original sonnet thing I hope you’ll read :

Here’s where I’ve taken it with the photo prompt – free verse…a little closer to a story:

ffBlue Moment With Lace

had he loved her
beyond the lace veil
and soft scents
of peppermint mixed
with eucalyptus.
She’d lit the room golden
with candles
burnt  sage to smudge
– to bless -
and woven the stories
of two loving lives.

Long had she remembered
the softness of lace
reflected in a beveled
bathroom mirror
and the oils of peppermint
mixed with eucalyptus
he’d massaged and kissed
into her skin.

Long had they
the mystery.


photo © Janet Webb

Moments We Don’t Forget

On 9/11 you and I had only been married 3 months.  It was my first day working, as a secretary, at a nearby  Law School.  I was driving to work.  I was nervous.  I turned on the radio.  Some strange repeating nightmare kept coming from my car’s speaker system.  Our country had been attacked.  Not ‘over there’ but here.  Lives were violently lost.  Life, for so many of us in the entire world, forever changed.

Bless the dead.
Bless the living.
Bless our homes.
Bless our cities.
Bless our country.
Bless our world.
Show us the way to peace.
Amen we say.


Of Lace and Stuff

Oh my good gawd!  Someone remind me that we’re retired :P In 5 weeks our lives will be forever changed for – perhaps – 3 years.  I think I’ll outline this so I can see exactly how we managed to be so busy:

2011 – retired – now we’re both retired
2011 – I started helping a local church (on two different campuses – in two different cities) care for toddlers two mornings a week for three hours.
2012 ½:  we were short one morning – at the church – and you stepped in to volunteer.  You stayed about a month – as a volunteer – and the mothers loved you so much that the church hired you :)  The babies took to you so much that mothers started calling you the Baby Whisperer.  At 70, you had found a new calling.
2013 (summer):  parents – from this 6 hour a week church thing began asking us to help them care for their kids.  We took on a family three mornings a week and the church two mornings a week (the church only during academic year).  She didn’t need us this summer because she had a baby girl in July.  We’ll start back with this little family in October.
2013 (fall)  we took on another little one a couple of afternoons a week so his mom could tutor.  She’s having a baby in December and we’ll watch the baby eventually.

If these little families want a date night, we do those too, but rarely since we also like the week ends off.

So it’s about 20 hours a week. It’s something we do as a couple and people like having us both – the kids do,  too. You’re so joyous over this…I think you’re realizing that your kids won’t have kids anytime soon.  This fulfills your grandpa stage of life.  I’m happy it pays our property taxes and gives us some ‘extra money’.  I can lunch with girlfriends, etc.  You can do your pottery studio.

I’m just suddenly aware that I have to make room for my writing. I worked a full-time job for over 40 years.  So I’m used to giving my writing importance in my life – time every day.  A certain defined time between 5PM one day and 9AM the next.

I have to sit down now.  Seriously. During the next 5 weeks….I have to determine a new and different writing schedule for summer vs the academic year.  I’m extremely organized.  I worked in medicine and law.  I was a secretary.  I organized stuff.  Important stuff.    So…this shouldn’t be too hard but it seems impossible.  Setting limits has always been difficult for me.

And there’s a poem here.  And I have to chill out and…
GUESS WHAT?  This week’s Friday Fictioneers is about lace and curtains:)  Y’all know I love lace and curtains ….so my 100 words is soon forthcoming!


Late Nights of Long Ago Summers

When I was in high school, I used to be able to stay up late week nights during the summer.  I finally got to watch Johnny Carson show  :P  I thought Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson were almost as funny as my comic idol, Jimmy Durante!  But wow!  When Joan Rivers sat in for Carson…oh my gosh :)  I’m not sure my parents quite knew if they wanted us to watch her or not.  But they sure liked her!

Joan Rivers was buried today.  I found this picture and I just have to post it because it’s jut…well…so true: