Charms & Demitasse Spoons – A Poem

Charms & Demitasse Spoons

Sometimes we choose
to remember
or to remember not.

She watched her childhood
charms and
demitasse spoons
float away.

It’s ok.
I’ll create new charms
and wear them
I’ll use unmatched spoons
with only a single
Key West demitasse.

We ate mile high
key lime pie
not knowing
that beautiful sunset
was us.

I want to remember that day
my heart was broken.


Red Paper Lanterns

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

Red Paper Lanterns

A cool breeze was coming through the open restaurant window.  Red paper lanterns swayed from the ceiling.

It’s happiness enough to know one is superior to the fork people  was written on your chopstick wrapper.

“I wonder what that means?”  I asked.


“That.”   I pointed to the fortune.

You shrugged and tore off the wrapper.    “Look at yours.  Who comes up with these things?”

Ask for what you need.  I shook my head slowly and smiled.

“I’m an easy touch for needs tonight. Try one.”

“I’ll take a rain check.”

“Great answer!  That’ll make the fork people happy.”



photo copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

Update Previous Entry


Update to my last post:

Whew!  If I didn’t have a wild imagination I don’t know how I’d ever spend my days :P

Ends up the President was a couple of miles from here today – right when that strange plane was flying around for over an hour.  This is what happens when you don’t own a television and catch up on the news – reading – while supper cooks.

Move on, now.  Nothing’s happening here…I was just wasting time.


Good Grief! Now What?

This is very odd.  There’s an odd-looking airplane with wings that have like helicopter propellers on top.  It’s been circling the city for over an hour.  It’s noisy. When it passes over us, the condo building literally shakes.

Sigh…it’s certainly Google up to something or other…now that they’ve taken over the city they plan to take over the airspace too!


Gawd Save Me!

Oh my goodness! Gawd save me!  :(   Before you went down to BBQ supper, you agreed to help me with my WordPress issue.  See previous entry.

You:  What’s this notification link?

Me:  I’m not sure.  I don’t want to click it.

You:  OK

Me:  You click it.

You:  OK

Me:  Hmmmm   (Oh my gawd!  It’s a longer list than the lil quotation icon up top.)  :(

You:  See this blue link here?

Me:  No?  That’s a link?

You:  Yes.  Now what did you do?

Me:  I clicked lots of those.

You:  How?

Me:  I’m not sure.

Hahaha!  I see what I did now but it’s too confusing to explain.  I’ve fixed as much as I’m going to fix. WordPress needs to change that link color…it’s much too light-colored for my vision issue!  I practiced…before I fixed…I hope I fixed the practice ones.

That said, the archive function – though wonderful, is beyond my needs.  I won’t use it again, though :P

If I still have any followers, thanks for reading this and for your understanding.

Now, where was I?



Oh No!


I discovered my archive page while I took my lunch.   Of course, I’ve gone in there and accidentally deleted stuff and unfollwed some. No time to fix this now…I think it’s going to be complicated.  Just the other day I thought I finally knew how to work WordPress.  Hahaha!

I’ll pass by after I grocery and prepare supper.  You think it’s easily fixable.  I’m hope so.


Book Review – Love Lost & Found by Pamela Beckford

I have recently finished Pamela Beckford’s poetry collection Love: Lost & Found, which follows her collection Dreams of Love.  (both available at Amazon)

Right off the bat, Ms Beckford’s poems allow the reader to explore so  many different forms of poetry. Structured forms and free verse. I suggest reading the last few pages of Love: Lost & Found first. Here, Ms Beckford has listed and explained the forms/structures of poetry she utilizes. While the poems can be enjoyed without such explanation, it certainly prepares one to realize the discipline involved in composing poetry.

As I was reading this poetry collection, I had the feeling of being invited to that deep space of loving and longing. One is fire to the other. Like a circle. One very beautiful poem, “Dreaming”, is still with me days after reading.  “Something’s not quite the same/But the pillow holds your shape.”

Can’t go wrong with this one! I have enjoyed watching Ms Beckford’s growth as a poet and look forward to reading more of her work.



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