Over The Neighbors’ Fences – A Poem

Cotton quilts were on sale at Target today…The local morning paper carried a story about a man and woman breaking up.  They lived 4 towns up from us.

Over The Neighbors’ Fences
Everyone heard her
leaving him
hollering out
into a blue sky afternoon.
Quilts and sheets
billowed on clothes lines
and ladies whispered
over backyard fences
up and down the block.
The men hurried to the corner
where they discussed the situation
over beer and peanuts
up and down the bar.


Sale on White Laced Handkerchiefs – A Poem

Sooo…usually on Monday – sometimes Friday…or another day – we sit on the balcony late afternoon.  We drink champagne and read to one another from the diaries and works of Anaïs Nin.  This afternoon….this came to me…

Sale on White Laced Handkerchiefs
I want to say some
before they may no longer matter.
I’ve loved
at best
my better half and
my better half
loved me.
So…I shall surely pay
at least a dime
for each of your kisses.
Bring on the white laced handkerchiefs.
Thank you
don’t stop.
There we go again.
please don’t stop.


Somebody Needs This Man


Passing this on!  Pass  it forward…

Originally posted on mishaburnett:

Earlier today I found out that an old friend of mine has lost his job.

For the past six and a half years Eddy Webb has been part of the creative team responsible for putting together the World Of Darkness video game, based on the White Wolf RPG. CCP, the company that owned the project, has canceled it, and laid off a number of employees, including my friend Eddy.

I’ve known Eddy for some years now, although he hasn’t lived in my town for a while, we keep in touch through the usual social media.  To be honest, I really don’t know that much about gaming or game design, but I do know that Eddy is a meticulous researcher and a very clear and readable writer.  He can produce outstanding copy to spec and on deadline.

I’m putting this out there because I know a lot of people who…

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