About Ellespeth

 I write poetry.  Sometimes I expand the poem into a story.   At least that’s my present interest.  I try not to worry about reality.  It’s all real.  Sometimes the colors are changed to protect the guilty or the innocent or both.

     I know about life and risking.  I know that good is a tricky word because sometimes the next word is bye.  I believe in love.  I revel in it.  It’s free and delicious and doesn’t have any calories.  Smiling is good for the facial muscles.  Tears taste salty.

     I’m married.  The poet and the physicist.  We try not to worry about being creative.  It’s all creative.

     Maybe these parts will be done in pages.  I’m not sure.  This is a page.  I am sure of that.


39 thoughts on “About Ellespeth

  1. Hi Ellespeth,

    I hope you are well.

    I have been thinking about writing a short post on why it is that we write poetry, and as one of my favourite poets I thought I would get your opinion on why it is that you write poetry. I will also be asking a couple of others for their opinions. It doesn’t have to be anything long – just a one liner would suffice, although you may wish to say more than that it is up to you.

    Obviously there is no obligation to answer, but if you wish to it would be really nice to be able to quote a poet whose opinion I respect, and link back to your blog.

    I would love to hear from you. My email is julian@julianfroment.com



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  3. I wanted to first say, “Nice to meet you”. Second, I really love how you take an ordinary object (such as a beveled mirror) and make it more than just a mirror. You bring your words to life-~JC


    • Thanks…poetry, you know, fails one at times. I hope you will follow my Buck and Sissy work. I’ll post another in a bit.
      Thanks again, I do appreciate your comment and time.


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  8. Hey Ellespeth:-) I’ve so enjoyed reading you in the short time I’ve been following. The images you use as well as the words are so full of beauty…so I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine award. Do drop by if you’d like to accept, and if not just know you and all that you share are much appreciated:-)


    • This was trapped in my spam and then, when I unspammed it, I couldn’t find it until now 😛 Thank you very much for nominating me.. I hope all goes well for you this week! *hugs*


    • Welcome back, Patti! I have often thought and wondered of you these past weeks. I thought that rendition of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ particularly haunting. Her name was Blaze…the woman he so loved.


    • I laugh each time I click on the page. I was still trying – well, am still trying – to figure out what to do with the blog. I like the image here, too. Like she’s leaping from the walls ready to go!


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