When Sonnets Were Free – A Sonnet Poem

I said – where I first posted this sonnet, that I wasn’t sure it was worth working on and that I may never look at it again.  I lied to myself.  Here’s the rewrite I’ve been working on since late Saturday evening:  (if you’re interested in reading the original, it’s  here  https://balconyviewz.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/when-sonnets-were-free-a-sonnet  and the entry before that is about what  brought on this sonnet – something from almost 50 years ago)

When Sonnets Were Free
The nights get cloudier as years pass by
with notebooks of old thoughts for company.
What you didn’t get, I will bury here.
You could have asked me for what you wanted.
Please do remember, now, what drifts from view
for there will all your safety measures weigh
against the sudden dangers of the tide
that comes to visit me with memories
of something sacred stolen long ago.
Look not for words of comfort from me now
or anything that may of comfort speak
for I once gave you treasures locked within
a heart you didn’t know and never will.


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