Once Upon A Bed Again – Fairy Prose (Today’s Hero/Heroine Prompt)

Today’s prompt and the conclusion – finally – of Once Upon A Bed Again. Please pass by http://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/ to see all of the wonderful offerings from many writers.. Ellespeth

The Community Storyboard

I would like to thank The Storyboard for helping me finally write the ending to my attempt at a fairytale.  It’s somewhat long for me 😦  I threw in yesterday’s prompt, too , since I couldn’t think of anything yesterday 😛

Satin, Organza & Fairy Dust

Well!  Before we begin our story tonight, I should let you know that Chloe is quite upset.  Those of you who have been faithfully following this tale already know that Chloe is my little daughter’s Bedroom Fairy.  She is sensitive and difficult and easily flustered.  Most fairies are that way.  And, you will recall that my daughter, Irene, will be 5 tomorrow, and that she fell while playing yesterday and knocked her tooth which became loose and will soon be in need of a Tooth Fairy’s visit.

Chloe is not a Tooth Fairy.  She is a Bedroom Fairy.  Bedroom Fairies sprinkle glitter and falling…

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