Hammock Sense

 <——It’s time for this, but more on that later.

I’ve been doing lots of work and I think I’m getting someplace.  All of my poems have been copied onto a memory key.  I’ve almost made up my mind which online publishing company I’ll use.  Tomorrow I’m buying or looking for a little online guide to the steps I’ll have to take.  I’ve read several articles but….I want to know more.

I had my hair cut.  I look like Buster Brown’s sister. What’s with the bang cutting issues these days?

And now I’m off to dreamland.


4 thoughts on “Hammock Sense

    • Thanks, Charles. I’m very excited. Ever since I moved out here I have issues with my bangs being cut too straight 😦 And then my hair curls under and is brown so…Buster Brown’s sister 😦


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