Dreams We Don’t Remember Having – Poem Title

Long ago I dreamed….I know I dreamed this because it’s in my dream journal. I just don’t remember it. I remember those times in my life, though…and all those changes and choices..

In the dream, I am bound to an exacting King.  I work in the garden, but the garden is dead because of this exacting King.  At some point in the dream, I could be freed but I had to go through that mythical series of tests. Somewhere, during the testing, I got fed up and turned my back on the King and walked into the dead garden and out an opened gate.

I don’t remember what was on the other side of the gate. Hahaha! Or maybe I didn’t care…and shortly after that, my life began to change due to choices I began making.

So I’m working on a poem for this – Dreams We Don’t Remember Having.


3 thoughts on “Dreams We Don’t Remember Having – Poem Title

      • Neither have I! I don’t always get in to read every day then when I click on saved emails I work my way through from the earliest posts usually. I congratuted someone recently on a successful interview and the next post was asking for prayers for the interview!
        Makes for confusion sometimes. But it gives my life a bit of excitement! And embarrassment. 🙂 x


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