Blue Moment With Lace

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!


So…years ago I wrote this sort of sonnet about lace and curtains.  I always thought I’d expand that into a story.   Then this week’s Friday Fictioneers came to be.  Lace curtains!

Here is the original sonnet thing I hope you’ll read :

Here’s where I’ve taken it with the photo prompt – free verse…a little closer to a story:

ffBlue Moment With Lace

had he loved her
beyond the lace veil
and soft scents
of peppermint mixed
with eucalyptus.
She’d lit the room golden
with candles
burnt  sage to smudge
– to bless –
and woven the stories
of two loving lives.

Long had she remembered
the softness of lace
reflected in a beveled
bathroom mirror
and the oils of peppermint
mixed with eucalyptus
he’d massaged and kissed
into her skin.

Long had they
the mystery.


photo © Janet Webb

22 thoughts on “Blue Moment With Lace

    • Since I can remember, that’s been one of my favorite scent mixtures. I’m glad you read the sonnet and enjoyed it! Thanks for continuing to read and comment on my work, Bjorn.


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